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Skull Shaver Pitbull Diamond PRO Head Shaver with Baby Beast Trimmer

Skull Shaver Pitbull Diamond PRO Head Shaver with Baby Beast Trimmer

Silent, Powerful Brushless Motor

  • The Pitbull Diamond Shaver features a brushless motor that gives a tranquil experience with almost no motor noise. But don’t let the lack of noise fool you, the brushless motor is a precision Italian powerhouse. Rotation speed is constantly monitored and adjusted to maintain the ideal RPM for a smooth shave.

Freedom of Corded or Cordless Operation

  • Pitbull Diamond gives a generous 100-minute cordless operation each charge. The Pitbull Diamond can also be used while plugged in so you’re never left without a clean shave.

Full Metal Jacket

  • We redesigned our manufacturing to bring you the Pitbull Diamond with a full stainless metal alloy chassis. The metal casing increases water resistance, increases strength, and gives a heavy duty and durable feel to the shaver.

Shave Wet or Dry, In the Shower or on the Go

  • New construction techniques and materials allowed us to reduce seams and increase water resistance to IPX7. Shave in the shower for the most convenient, comfortable, and smooth shave possible.

Luxury Travel Case

  • From the flush mount handle of the Diamond Travel Case to the extra-large breathable zippered pockets, every feature of the included Pitbull Diamond Travel Case is made to streamline your travel grooming. The hard outer shell case tightly cradles each product in the padded velvet interior to keep your favorite Skull Shaver products and other essentials safe during travel. An extra-large storage compartment gives you space for all your other toiletries, eliminating the need for an additional bag or kit.

Baby Beast Trimmer with bonus RISK blade

  • The included Baby Beast Trimmer can be used to groom hair, facial stubble, or shape your beard. We’ve packed in all the guards necessary for your desired hair length and a special RISK blade which can be used for precision lining.

No Mess

  • The blade design captures hair clippings inside the shaving chambers and off your skin and shirt. Keep one in your car, office, or private jet for a quick shave on the go.

No Nicks. No Cuts.

  • The rotary shaving heads make fast work of your stubble, allowing you to safely shave in any direction. No more painful nicks, stinging cuts, or raised scars that keep getting nicked. Our rotary shaving heads glide smoothly over irregularities and have won over customers with trouble areas due to birthmarks, freckles, scars, or those who simply cannot afford to break the skin.

Travel Lock

  • The Pitbull Diamond Pro is equipped with smart travel lock to prevent the shaver from turning on while in your luggage. To activate the lock, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

Built Stronger

  • The all new Skull Shaver PRO blades are built stronger than any of our previous designs. The blades are suspended in a two-piece chassis to allow contouring flexibility while holding them securely in place. The drivetrain has been relocated to a sealed chamber to keep hair clippings out of the transmission, ensuring you always get consistent and smooth performance.

What's In The Box:

  • Pitbull Diamond PRO Shaver
  • Forte 4 Head PRO Blade Baron
  • 3 Head PRO Blade
  • Diamond Travel Case
  • Platinum Rinse Stand
  • Baby Beast Trimmer
  • Baby Beast Trimmer Guards
  • RISK Blade for Baby Beast Trimmer
  • USB Wall Plug Adapter and Charging Cord
  • Rubber Charging Port Cover
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