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Keune Care Derma Exfoliate Shampoo 1 Litre

Keune Care Derma Exfoliate Shampoo 1 Litre

Say goodbye to dandruff with Keune Derma Exfoliate Shampoo, the gentle cleansing and clearing solution for a dandruff-prone scalp. If you're experiencing itchy and irritated scalp caused by dry or oily dandruff, this shampoo is for you. Dandruff is often caused by an overgrowth of naturally occurring scalp fungus that triggers excessive cell renewal resulting in visible flakes. Derma Exfoliate Shampoo contains octopirox, a powerful ingredient that regulates this fungus and clears away dandruff flakes. Its anti-bacterial properties calm down the skin's sebaceous glands, alleviating discomfort and irritation. With regular use, this mild shampoo helps restore the scalp's natural balance, giving you healthy, lustrous hair that's free of dandruff.*1 Litre pumps available to purchase separatelyhere Suitable for dry or oily dandruff. Clear dandruff & prevents new dandruff forming. Essential Mineral Complex. Octopriox technology. Cleanses and rebalances scalp function.

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